一昨年、イースト ハートフォード市とグラストンベリー市にUs & Japan Society of Connecticut  と  Glastonbury International Club の合同企画として、

提出しました『桜万本』は、 桜の最適品種の分析並びに選択に時間を要しましたので、今年はしだれ桜二本をグラストンベリー リバーフロント 公園

に植樹致しました。  第一本目は、オーストラリアのアスリートで彼の青春を植樹運動に捧げたコリーの為に。22歳の若さで、白血病でこの世を去った


Us & Japan の Us が意味するものは、アメリカに住む我々だけではなく、世界中のみんなを包括した暖かい他者への思いやりです。


Sakura Manbon project that was proposed two years ago to towns of East Hartford and Glastonbury by Us & Japan Society of Connecticut and Glastonbury International Club as 

a joint effort took more time than we expected on analysis and selecting most suitable trees to Connecticut climate.  We have chosen two willow cherry trees this year and planted 

at Glastonbury Riverfront Park in spring.    First tree was for Corey who was an avid athlete and most of his youthful time was spent on the green movement planting trees in Australia.

The fund was left with me from his mother in memory of her beloved son who passed away at the age of 22 from leukemia.  Her thought was shared by a person in Osaka, Japan

and she joined in our activities and made a name plate for Corey with clay as she is a pottery artist.


Us in Us and Japan Society of Connecticut represents not only us in the United States but also empathy for others that encompasses everyone in the world.


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