【Japan Week】

JAPAN WEEK opened with a reception of Lynita Shimizu’s woodblock print exhibit 

who studied in Kyoto with Tomikichiro Tokuriki, one of most highly respected woodblock artists 

In twentieth century.

JAPAN WEEK は世界の20世紀木版画界で最も高い評価を受けた版画家の一人、


W never thought that our event kick-off day would conflict with Eversource Hartford Marathon 

as we submitted our plan to the library more than a year in advance.

The roads lead to East Hartford Public Library were blocked from 7:00am to 2:00pm as they were 

the marathon route.  However, when Steve and Ako-san began performing Lion Dancing people

started showing up from here and there, a lion danced to pray for good health of local residents

and the success of JAPAN WEEK event.


一年以上も前から企画書を提出していたキックオフの日が、エバーソース ハートフォード 




住人の無病息災とJAPAN WEEK の成功を願って、お祓いをしていただきました。

Followed by Lion Dancing, there was a demonstration on how to make Mokuhanga (wood block print)

by  Lynita-san.  She explained three processes in simple words using caricatures of designer, carver and

printer. There were artists, persons who are interested in woodblock print making attended her demonstration.


獅子舞に続き、同日に版画家 リニタ清水さんの木版画創作の実演がありました。




Last year we invited the tea ceremony vetrans , 7 from Japan and 1 from Washington DC, and Held a Nodate style tea party at the Blueback Square around the Chrysanthemum Festival season.


This year, we had an opportunity to show the tea ceremony performed by a group from the Greater Hartford.  

We do not have a complete set of tea utensils yet. 

A traveler in olden days might have made a tea with whatever portable utensils he had in his baggage. 

We are also travelers walking the road called Tea Ceremony and hope someday we have a complete set of 

tea utensils which we can cherish.  We made ceremonial tea with whatever utensils and substitutes we had 

and served it to local folks. We are grateful if some of them someday will understand the gist of tea ceremony

in their heart through this experience and walk ahead of us.



昨年は日本からその道のベテランを7人、ワシントンDCから一人招いて、重陽の節句時に、ブルーバック スクエアーで野点を開催しました。





We had a tea ceremony on Tuesday, 16th、then changed the location to Senior Center for Ema Making Class on Wednesday for JAPAN WEEK event.

This year’s event was tossed up and down by the ultra big typhoon #19 in Japan. One of our Instructors, Kanae’s flight to the US was cancelled without further notice then so that she could not make it on time for the class while Moeka who left earlier barely made it for the class.

With a support from other members, she did a fantastic job despite her jet lag.

It was a well prepared presentation to explain the history and significance of Ema. It resonated in Their heart.  Moeka-san, thank you for your hard work!


JAPAN WEEK 16日(火曜日)は茶道のデモンストレーションでしたが、水曜日は場所を変えてシニアセンターでのクラスでした。今回のイベントは、日本での超大型台風19号の影響で、一喜一憂、インストラクターの一人、かなえさんは飛行機がキャンセルになり、イベント参加の棄権を余儀なくされましたが、萌花さんは無事にたどり着き、周りのサポートもバッチリ固めて、素晴らしいクラスでした。充実したプレゼンテーションの内容で、出席者も絵馬の歴史と意義を納得。萌花さん、時差ボケも何のその、頑張ってくれて有難う! 

The last event of JAPAN WEEK was the Japanese classical dance and Olympic Dance instruction

by Master performer Izumo ShowChow that added the luster and gaiety to the finale. 

The Department of Foreign Ministry in Japans warranted Izumo ShowChow  Her costume was exquisitely gorgeous.

Ako-san who is a professional jazz dancer came with Kinmono on and participated Olympic Dance practice in high spirit with other attendees the singing voice of which was replicated Haruo Minami by android called "HAL-O-ROID”.  JAPAN WEEK closed its curtain.

Let’s meet again here next year!


JAPAN WEEKの最終日に花を添えたのが、出雲松蝶先生の日舞。外務省御用達の熟練舞踊家による日舞と衣装の豪華なこと。ハルオロイドの声に合わせて出席者参加型で合同練習した五輪音頭には、ジャズダンスのプロ、あこさんも着物姿でノリノリ。1週間の幕を閉じました。

来年も又イースト ハートフォード図書館で会いましょう!

【The master class at Three River Community College】

The master class at Three River Community College was very successful.  In addition to admire Japanese 

traditional dance attendees had a lot of fun dancing Tokyo Olympic Ondo sung by HAL-O-ROID .

There were many interesting questions asked.  We are sure that there will be another 

Master Class held at this college in the future.


スリー リバー コミュニティ カレッジでの、マスタークラスは成功のうちに終了し、参加者は、





マスタークラスのウイル オヘアー教授

奥様のマコ  ハルタ教授

【Cinema Tonight】


20年前に観た、”Shall We ダンス?”は、20年という時の経過と共に、





ことです。マルチタレントの方が私たちの会員であることが、Us & Japan 

Society of Connecticut の強みでもあります。


次回 Cinema Tonight は12月7日、フィルムは、『メリークリスマス ミスターローレンス” です。



Last night I drove home with a smile.

The Japanese film “ Shall we Dance?” which I have seen twenty years ago 

was very refreshing, perhaps due to my life experience over the years.

I enjoyed watching even the actors and actresses’ every detail of acting 

and face expression.

And the bonus to us was the improvised dance demonstration and explanation of 

of classic ballet, jazz dance and Japanese traditional dance to show us the difference.

This is our organization’s strength having multi-talented members.


Next Cinema Tonight is on December 7.  The title of the film is "Merry Christmas, Mr Lawrence”.

The detail will be posted soon.

Us & Japan Society of Connecticut



グラストンベリー インターナショナル クラブとの合同ピクニック楽しく終了しました。9月7日(土)、朝3時半起床。荷物を車に積んでグラストンベリーのリバーフロントパーク & ボートハウスのパビリオンに到着した時は、真っ暗で、気温が華氏54度、風の冷却効果を考慮するともっと寒かったに相違ない。





I got up at 3:30am. I loaded tables and other miscellaneous stuff in my vehicle and drove to the Pavilion at River Front Park & Boat House in Glastonbury.

When I arrived it was pitch-dark and the temperature was 54 Fahrenheit. When the windchill factor was considered it must have been a lot colder. With glorious sunrise the day became a beautiful autumn day with no cloud in the sky and neither cold nor hot by noon.

I nitpicked last year’s dishes brought by attendees and requested this year’s attendees not to concentrate on carbohydrate such as pastas, cakes and cookies. 😁😁

What gourmet dishes lined up this year. Yes!

This was one scene of early autumn day everyone enjoyed chatting.


East Hartford Public Library sponsored Healthy Relationships 1 and 2 which is touring various cities and towns was 

successfully finished.  As always we have some professionals and leaders in this field attended and have an interesting 

discussions.   It may be the time that leaders of various Asian organizations get together to compile what need to be cone

to make one effective and sustainable working operation to help and support the physically, mentally and/or financially 

needy with comprehensive approach sharing professional and informational resources.




展開されました。 思うに、現在個々に活動しております各種のアジア系組織のリーダーが1グループにまとまり、




ウエスト ハートフォードのノア ウエブスター図書館で開催しました









ノア ウエブスター図書館のHealthy Relationships 1 の写真

ノア ウエブスター図書館のHealthy Relationships 2の写真

【新年会/New Year's party】

おいでになれなくて残念。早く元気になって下さ〜い。興味深い方々とじっくり話ができて、知り合いになれて、今まで自分が出席したパーティの中で一番楽しい集いでした、とコメントをいただきました。 そしてこの日は、日本とアメリカ間の、海を隔てた愛を長年育みあって来られたスティーブさんとあこさんの結婚を祝福するサプライズ パーティも企画されておりました。






そして 皆さん、本年もどうぞよろしくお願いいたします。

Us & Japan Society of Connecticut 会員一同


Despite some twists and turns such as the change of place and an unfortunate sudden cancellation of Shakuhachi performance by Will-san due to his flu,

It turned out to be a great gathering.  We regret that Will-san could not only play bamboo flute but also he and his wife, Mako-sn could not attend.  

They were concerned about their spreading flu virus.  We missed you and hope your quick recovery.

Many commented that they had a very good conversation with and get to know very interesting people.

In addition, this party had an another function.  It was a surprise party for a newly wed, Steve and Ako-san who have been in love for many years

despite the oceans away, i.e., US and Japan.  


We are all nibbled our head by the Lion to pray for our good health for this year after Shishimai Lion Dancing to celebrate new year performed by Steve and Ako-san.


Steve and Ako-san,  Happy Wedding!


Happy New Year to our friends!


From all of Us

Us & Japan Society of Connecticut


一昨年、イースト ハートフォード市とグラストンベリー市にUs & Japan Society of Connecticut と Glastonbury International Club の合同企画として、

提出しました『桜万本』は、 桜の最適品種の分析並びに選択に時間を要しましたので、今年はしだれ桜二本をグラストンベリー リバーフロント 公園

に植樹致しました。  第一本目は、オーストラリアのアスリートで彼の青春を植樹運動に捧げたコリーの為に。22歳の若さで、白血病でこの世を去った


Us & Japan の Us が意味するものは、アメリカに住む我々だけではなく、世界中のみんなを包括した暖かい他者への思いやりです。

Sakura Manbon project that was proposed two years ago to towns of East Hartford and Glastonbury by Us & Japan Society of Connecticut and Glastonbury International Club as 

a joint effort took more time than we expected on analysis and selecting most suitable trees to Connecticut climate. We have chosen two willow cherry trees this year and planted 

at Glastonbury Riverfront Park in spring. First tree was for Corey who was an avid athlete and most of his youthful time was spent on the green movement planting trees in Australia.

The fund was left with me from his mother in memory of her beloved son who passed away at the age of 22 from leukemia. Her thought was shared by a person in Osaka, Japan

and she joined in our activities and made a name plate for Corey with clay as she is a pottery artist.

Us in Us and Japan Society of Connecticut represents not only us in the United States but also empathy for others that encompasses everyone in the world.

【Festival of Trees  & Traditions Decoration Day】


米国で一番古い美術館であるワーズワース アテニアム 美術館では、ホリデーシーズンの年中行事として、毎年、

”クリスマスツリー祭りと伝統” という祝祭を開催しております。





美術館の今年のこのイベントのテーマは、"Celebrations Around the World” でした。

そして、そして我々のクリスマスツリーのタイトルは、 "TAKE FLIGHT WITH HOPE OF PEACE TO THE WORLD”

” 平和への希いと共に世界へ羽ばたけ!”  でした。

Us & Japan Society of CT の柱の一つ、”Arts & Humanism “ ここにあり!


At Wadsworth Atheneum Museum which is the oldest public museum in the US, “Festival of trees and Traditions “ is celebrated 

every year as an annual event during the winter holiday season.

Various corporations in Greater Hartford area participate and compete its uniqueness and artistry of Christmas tree decoration.

Then the trees are auctioned for fundraising and donated to the museum.

Our Christmas tree looked conspicuous like a noble woman and many who saw our tree commented “ So beautiful ” .

Museum ttheme for this event this year is; Celebrations Around the World”, and the title of our tree is; 




That is “Arts & Humanism” which embodies one of three pillars of our organization’s spirit.




ミサワ カーター(Misawa Carter)

タカ子 ダーリン(Takako Darling)

サリー ノールズ(Sally Knowles、MD)

近藤まさこ     (Masako Kondo)

近藤たか -8才         (Take Kondo)  8 year old

アコ ロング    (Ako Long)

スチィーブ ロング(Steve Long) *

由美子 マクレノン(Yumiko McLennon )

真理 マーウイン (Mari Merwin)

志田敬子       (Keiko Shida)

シャロン シライワ(Sharon Shiraiwa)

みわ グリマーソレム(Miwa Grimmer-Solem)

麻生子 テイラー(Makiko Taylor)

内野敏子   (Toshiko Uchino)

梅津あや   (Aya Umetsu)

山田明子     (Akiko Yamada)



Persona Non Grata(2018.10.14)@Univ. of St. Joseph Art Theater

国籍、人種、宗教を超え、キリスト教系聖ジョゼフ大学とグレーターハートフォード ユナイテッド シナゴーグ ユダヤ教会と

Us & Japan Society of Connecticut を結集して、Us & Japan Society of CT が 企画を立てました、ペルソナ ノン グラータの



“ イベント全体が驚くべきものでした。 私は観客動員数に度肝を抜かれてしまいました。これ以上の最上のイベントも最上の日も




Home page draft translation


Persona Non Grata exclusive viewing event finished with overwhelming success, which  was planned and proposed. by Us & Japan Society of 

Connecticut to Univ. of  St. Joseph and United Synagogue of Greater Hartford for one objective transcending all differences in nationality, race

And religion.   This is to recognize the heroic deed of Chiune Sugihara. Below is a comment by one of volunteers;


” The event overall was amazing and I was blown away by the turnout.  Couldn’t have asked for a

     Better event or day.”   Everything was perfect.”

Hon. Japanese Consul General Gregory Boyko.  (新英州管轄グレゴリーボイコ名誉総領事のスピーチ

Consul Makoto Furie, Political Affairs (政務担当古永誠領事のスピーチ)

Rabbi Eli Ostrozynski ( ラビ イーライ オストロジンスキー)

Usher (劇場の案内係 UJSC ボランティア メンバー)

Committee members (推進委員メンバー)

Audience (観衆)

Japan Kiku Festival (2018.10.06)@Blue Back Square

Joint Autumn Picnic(2018.09.15) @RiverFrontCommunityCenter

Healthy Relationships(2018.07.19)                   @Glastonbury Wells Turner Memorial Library

Japan Week (2018.06.25〜29) @East Hartford Public Library













Cinema Tonight(June)〜Tokyo Story〜

Cinema Tonight(May)〜Remains of the Day〜

Cinema Tonight(April)〜Nobody Knows〜


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